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YOUHA Duo Handsfree Double Electric Breast Pump

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DESIGNED FOR EFFICIENT PUMPING. Use the YOUHA DUO Handsfree Electric Breast Pump for efficient breast pumping sessions. Double pumping saves time by 50% and increases the amount of milk output by 18%. The double pumping capability gives you enough suction that meets your breastfeeding needs.

PUMP ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. The YOUHA DUO Portable Electric Breast Pump offers breastfeeding mothers, like you, the to express themselves anywhere and anytime, whether you are working, on a trip, or at home. Its portable and compact design provides much convenience for on-the-go mothers.

SAVE TIME AND BE HASSLE-FREE. Aside from its double pumping feature, the YOUHA DUO Portable Electric Breast Pump has multiple ways of charging that save you unnecessary time and trouble in your breastfeeding.

- LED display
- Full touchscreen design
- Built-in 2200mAh lithium battery
- 3 modes: Massage / Expression / Mixed (with 1-9 levels for each mode)
- Suction power: 50mmhg - 320mmhg
- Smart chip: Automatically records the last usage mode that you can start and use for your next pump session
- Low-noise design: 35.1 Decibel
- USB port

- 24mm Full silicone breast shields
- Anti-backflow design
- Food-grade material
- Easy to clean, assemble and disassemble
- Compatible with other branded breast pumps

- Connect the motor pump and the two milk collection cups with the double tubing. Make sure that all parts inside the cup are properly assembled.
- Place the cups inside your bra and over your nipple, ensuring that is centered and comfortable
- Start operating the motor and pump until you have expressed the desired amount of milk or until you are finished
- Carefully detach the cups from the motor and remove the cups from the bra
- Transfer the collected milk from the cups to a feeding bottle or a storage milk bag

- Always keep the motor dry and clean
- Avoid the motor in direct contact with sunlight
- Only use the Youha DUO cable and do not substitute it with other charging cables
- Disassemble the cups and wash all parts with warm, soapy water
- Soak in boiling water directly in less than 30 seconds (optional)
- Air dry
- Store the cups in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight

Important: Read your manual for complete instructions

1x Motor pump
1x Motor pump charger
2x Milk collection cup (240mL each cup)
2x Silicone breast shield (Available in 24mm)
1x Double tubing
2x Silicone diaphragm/membrane
2x Silicone diaphragm/membrane cap
2x Silicone connector
2x Silicone valve
2x Dust Cover
1x User Manual