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V-Coool PPSU Breast Milk Storage Feeding Bottles l 180mL l 6oz

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The V-Coool Breast Milk Storage Bottle PPSU bottles are a convenient way to store and feed breast milk. Made more durable with PPSU material (medical-grade), these bottles can be used 5-6 times every day making this a worthy investment.

The bottle has a wide neck that can be attached to any breast pump in the market. Once properly attached, you can pump your milk directly into the bottle.  When you’re done pumping, remove the bottle and either store OR feed it to your baby.


* MADE MORE DURABLE. PPSU bottles are medical-grade plastic that is more durable and heat tolerant than common bottles available in the market. It can withstand (1) extreme heat, (2) does not absorb odor, and is (3) naturally BPA-free. This means you can deep freeze or heat up breast milk in V-Coool’s PPSU storage bottles directly, making it easy to express, store, and feed!

* EXPRESS-STORE-FEED IN JUST ONE BOTTLE: Created to help you store and feed breast milk from the same bottle

* COMPATIBLE WITH A WIDE NECK-FEATURE BREAST PUMP:  The bottle has a wide neck that fits commonly to any breast pump on the market including Doopser, Spectra, Avent, Wisemom. Once connected, you can pump your milk directly into the bottle.

* LEAK-PROOF DESIGN: Spill-proof lid. Simple screw on the PP locking ring and silicone locking disc to the bottle.

* CLEAR LARGE SCALE/CAPACITY: Can store milk up to 180 ml. Light weight.

* COLOR: Natural honey tone

* SIZE: 180 ml


* MATERIAL: PPSU, PP and Silicone

HOW TO CLEAN: Gently wash with baby bottle detergent and water. All parts can be sanitized with boiling water or water steam. Pat dry or air dry and keep it in a clean space.

*Nipples are not included.