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V-Coool Ice Brick Cooler 2-way Reusable Ice Pack Brick for Cooler Bag

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The V-Coool Ice Brick Cooler is a practical and reliable solution for breastfeeding moms who need to pump and store breast milk while on the move or during travel. By following the proper usage and care instructions, moms can ensure that their expressed milk remains fresh and safe for their little ones.

• Keeps milk cool for hours when placed inside a cooler bag or box
• Keeps bottles intact and in an upright position during transport
• Can be used for cold storage and transportation of milk or drinks

• Reusable
• High cold capacity
• 400 ML
• Available in Blue, Pink, Orange and Yellow
• Dry, 2-way Ice-Pack Brick Cooler (applicable to Blue and Pink variants)
• Dry, 2-way Ice Brick Cooler with Gel (applicable to Orange and Yellow variants)
• Quantity: 1 pc

• APPLICABLE TO BLUE AND PINK ONLY: Open the water port of the ice-pack brick cooler and fill it with water up to the maximum level indicated (3/4 of the water)
• Place the filled ice pack brick cooler in the freezer for 8 - 12 hours before use
• Once frozen, place the ice pack in the middle of the cooler bag or box
• With the frozen ice pack in the cooler bag, it will keep the milk fresh and cool for up to 12 hours
* The inside part of Yellow and Orange Ice Brick is made of gel form (no need to put water inside the brick cooler)

• After use, wipe the outer part of the ice-pack brick cooler with a dry cloth
• If the ice pack brick cooler is damaged or there's a leak, it is essential to replace it immediately

INCLUDED IN THE BOX: 1pc Ice Brick Cooler