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V-Coool Breast Milk Collector - Silicone Breast Shells for Breastfeeding Moms, 2 pc

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Made of a piece of high-quality food-grade silicone, V-Coool breast milk collector is made for breastfeeding moms to wear in the bra and catch their natural let-down at any time anywhere. Reusable, washable, comfortable, and easy to conceal under a lightly padded nursing bra.

COLLECT MILK! These breast shells collect any natural breast milk during baby nursing and pumping or while performing your daily activities, allowing you to effortlessly save your precious milkies and don't worry about getting shirts wet.

SAFE AND DURABLE: Made of top-quality food-grade silicone, odorless, BPA-free.

SIMPLE TO CLEAN: Just take them apart and wash all parts with soap and water, dry and it is ready to use again.

BUILT-IN PLUG TO PREVENT SPILL: This model has a plug on the top. When you bend down or pick something up, breast milk will not leak from the top. You can also remove the plug to allow for airflow going to the breast, making it more comfortable and breathable.

PROVIDES INSTANT RELIEF: Protects your nipples from friction, reduces the pressure of the breast. Great for sore nipples, cracked nipple.

Inclusions: 2pc silicone breast shells