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Sarah Wells Pumparoo Wet/Dry Bag for Breast Pump Parts

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The Sarah Wells Pumparoo Wet and Dry Bag and Staging Mat for Breast Pump Parts help mothers discreetly and cleanly transport breast pump parts, then store them in the refrigerator between pumping sessions until you can complete a cleaning process!

Use the waterproof main compartment to hold clean and then dirty (wet) parts; use the detachable innovative staging mat as a clean spot on your desk, bathroom counter, etc. for setting up your pump parts.

Done pumping? Use the Pumparoo Wet and Dry Bag for soiled clothing, swimsuits, traveling, and more!


- WET AND DRY BAG for breast pumps parts and nursing accessories.

- TWO COMPARTMENTS to keep wet and dry items separate. Use the front (smaller) zip compartment for dry items and the main (larger) zip compartment for wet items

- WATERPROOF. You can put your pump parts inside the bag even if it is wet.

- WITH A REMOVABLE WATERPROOF STAGING MAT where you can detach it from the bag, and where you can place your breast pump parts clean and hygienic no matter where you need to pump. Perfectly sized for breast pump parts; holds 4 8-oz bottles, plus all other pump parts and more.

- WITH A WRIST STRAP where it will go all the way around the wet/dry bag if the bag is folded into quarters. Carry it compactly!



Cloth and disposable diapers

Small school, office, and home materials

Small grocery and shopping items

Other important necessities

AVAILABLE IN FIVE DESIGNS: Black, Gray, Deco, Floral, and Black & White

BPA-free, PVC-free, Phthalate-free, Lead-free zippers

SIZE: 12" H X .25" W X 10" L (unfolded) / 6" H X 1" W X 10" L (folded into quarters)


HOW TO CLEAN: To keep your Pumparoo as sanitary as possible, we recommend hand washing daily with hand or dish soap and machine washing at least once per week. Air dry only.

DO NOT put any sharp object and DO NOT pour any milk or liquid directly inside the bag.