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Mamme On-the-Go Bag Set | Breast Pump and Nursing Cooler Bag

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The Mamme On-the-Go Bag Set provides breastfeeding moms with necessary nursing and cooler accessories essential for travel, office commute or outdoor activities. The set includes a breast pump bag, an inner waterproof bag, and an ice-pack brick perfect for breast pump, accessories, and milk storage. Can fit two wearable breast pumps like Mamme HUSH, imani i2 Plus, and Youha GEN2.

• The breast pump bag offers a 2-in-1 storage keeping the pump and accessories organized and breast milk fresh

• Uses as a breastmilk cooler bag and doubles as a versatile bag like a diaper bag, lunch bag or travel bag

• The inner waterproof bag and the ice brick keep milk bottles/bags intact and in upright position during transport 

• Lightweight and compact design
• Made of heavy nylon fabric
• Padded lining
• Seamless, leak-proof, water-proof

• Multi-functional front and back compartments with two-way zipper closure
• Front compartment with two padded elastic pouches and a mesh zipper pocket
• Back compartment as an insulated cooler
• External front pocket and Top handle

• Can hold up to 1 ice-pack brick, 2 milk bottles and 2 milk bags
• Can hold the cold temperature and moist within the bag
• Water-proof, leak-proof, reusable, transparent

• Can fit the standard and wide mouth and shape of milk bottle/bag
• Can distribute the cold temperature evenly to the milk bottle/bag
• Waterproof, thermal, reusable, hardcase, lightweight

• Use the front compartment with two pouches for wearable pumps and with mesh zipper pocket for accessories like charging cords
• Use the back compartment as a breast milk cooler storage with an inner water-proof bag
• Before using and placing the ice brick in the water-proof bag, place the filled ice-pack brick cooler in the freezer for 8-12 hours.
• Utilize the zipper front pocket for quick access to personal items like mobile phone, keys, and wallet
• Use the top handle to carry the bag wherever you go.

• Dab the outside and inside of the bag with soapy water, then rinse and wipe with a dry towel
• Avoid submerging the bag in water completely to preserve the cooler and prevent damage to metal parts
• After use, wipe the water-proof bag and ice-pack brick with a dry cloth
• If the water-proof bag or ice pack brick is damaged or there's a leak, it is essential to replace it immediately

• 1x Mamme GO Pump Bag
• 1x V-Coool Inner Water-proof Bag
• 1x V-Coool Ice-pack Brick Green