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IMANI iBOX Wearable and Hospital-Grade Breast Pump PA

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The imani iBox Wearable and Hospital-Grade Breast Pump PA is the world’s first one-of-a-kind 2-in-1 electric breast pump, offering versatility of high-performance pumping and hands-free pumping.

iBox transforms into a hospital-grade pump when integrated with i2 Plus pump motors. In-built with a pump itself, iBox stands out with its unique triple pump system that combines the power of 3 motors to offer you optimal efficiency and personalized high performance pumping experience. When the iBox is not in use, the two i2 Plus motors can be charged.

Use the i2 Plus Breast Pump Motors for on-the-go and hands-free pumping designed for you to pump anytime and anywhere you want.

Plus, the imani crystal-clear hands-free cup is made of Polyamide (PA) so you can sterilize the cup the way you want via steam, UV, microwave, or dish dryer.

• Enjoy flexibility to use a hospital-grade pump (for customized experience) and wearable pump (for on-the-go pumping)
• Pump anywhere and anytime, and sterilize however you want
• Offers seamless charging
• Made safe for moms and babies

The warranty for the pump motor starts from the date of purchase: iBox (2 years) and i2 Plus (1 year).

• 2x i2 Plus Motors
• 1x Charging Cable
• 2x Protector (Silicone)
• 2x Valve (Silicone)
• 2x Connector (PA)
• 2x Handsfree Cup 7oz/210mL (PA)
• 2x Insert 21mm (Silicone)
• 2x Funnel 25mm (Silicone)
• 2x White Cap (PP)
• 1x iBox
• 1x Hub and tube (PP + Silicone)