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IMANI i2 Plus Wearable Breast Pump Pair PA

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The imani i2 Plus Wearable Breast Pump PA Pair with Dock is designed to be compact, hands-free, and wearable giving you the convenience to discreetly pump anytime and anywhere. It is conveniently hands-free for on-the-go pumping, operates quietly for discreet pumping, and offers gentle yet powerful suction for a comfortable breast pumping. Perfect for moms who have an active on-the-go lifestyle.

This double electric pump lets you pump milk much faster and can save up twice the time with a double pump compared to a single pump. In addition, the charging dock included in this set provides seamless charging and doubles as a convenient travel case.

Plus, the imani crystal-clear hands-free cup is made of Polyamide (PA), which is more heat-resistant, more durable, stronger, and clearer than essten, tritan and PP, designed for you to sterilize the cup the way you want via steam, UV, microwave, or dish dryer.

The warranty for the pump motor starts from the date of purchase: i2 Plus (1 year).

· 2x Pump motor
· 1x Dual Charging Dock
· 2x Charging Cable
· 1x USB Adapter
· 2x Protector (Silicone)
· 2x Valve (Silicone)
· 2x Connector (PA)
· 2x Hands-free Cup (PA)
· 2x Insert 21mm (Silicone)
· 2x Funnel 25mm (Silicone)