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V-Coool Disposable Nursing Breast Pads

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Made for new moms in the early days of breastfeeding. Use these individually wrapped nursing pads to absorb breast milk from sudden milk-let downs (milk leakage) which will help prevent embarrassment and protect your clothing from stains.

Use during:

- Your first few weeks of breastfeeding, when your milk comes in

- If you're going to be away from your baby for a few hours

- When you're returning to work

- If you have an overabundant milk supply

- At night when you are sleeping

- During sexual encounters

How to use:

1. Remove adhesive tabs

2. After you've put on your bra, you're ready to put in the breast pad. Slide or gently place it over your nipple, between your bra and breast. Then return your bra strap to its natural place.

3. Change your nursing pads whenever they get wet. Constant exposure to wetness against your breasts could lead to skin irritation, sore nipples, and potential infections from bacteria.

Color: White

Diameter: 116 X 130mm

Quantity:100 pcs