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Anly Kiss

Anly Kiss Power Pump Electric Breast Pump with Portable Double Hands-free Collection Cups

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The Anly Kiss Power Pump Electric Breast Pump with Double Hands-free Collection Cups let you pump discreetly anytime and anywhere.

Why choose this pump?

- Made for moms who want to power pump! This set can give you up to 8-10x pumping sessions on the go (equivalent to 150 minutes of pumping time, 15 minutes per session). This pump is easy, comfortable, and safe to use, whether at home, at work, or traveling. It can be used as both a single breast pump and a double breast pump.

- Unique and exclusive pumping modes to meet a mother’s needs. The 2-IN-1 MODE lets you relieve pain when breasts are full of milk, while DUAL FREQUENCY is effective in assisting mothers to rectify inverted nipples.

- Hands-free collection cups are made of hard plastic. Great for moms who are allergic to silicone.

1-year warranty on the motor PP Hands-free Collection Cups:
- The hands-free collection cups have full bowl-shaped breast shields that fit well over the breast, preventing side leakage and making pumping more comfortable. Meanwhile, its anti-backflow design keeps breast milk from backing up into the motor or tubing.
- The creative pleasing breast shield is made of high-quality food-grade PP material and is BPA-free.

2600mAh Electric Pump Motor
- The electric pump motor has a durable built-in rechargeable battery good for one-day use (up to 8x 20-minute pumping sessions), and a digital LED touch panel control for easy set-up and use. It also features four exclusive pumping modes – stimulation, expression, two-in-one expression, and dual-frequency. Its low noise feature will not disturb the baby when asleep.

4 exclusive pumping modes
- The stimulation mode (3-level) helps massage breasts to stimulate milk let down
- The expression mode (6-level) helps release the milk from the mother’s breast
- The two-in-one expression mode (6-level) mirrors the deep stimulation between the baby’s natural sucking and the mother’s breast, making more milk secretion. Best used when breasts are full of milk.
- The dual-frequency (4-level) helps achieve smooth lactation with the high and low frequencies of two different nipple traction breast-sucking experiences. Best used by moms with inverted nipples.

With a USB charging cable that supports multiple power supply options (power adapter, mobile charger, computer) making it more convenient to use outside

Technical Specs: Main Pump Unit: 125x86x60mm (185g)
Power: 5V1A
Power Supply: 2600mAh Rechargeable Battery
Recharging Time: Charging ≈ 270mins, Running ≈ 150mins
Display: Digital LED
Display Memory mode: Yes
Suction strength: 300mmhg
Charging cable: USB 5V
Auto-shut off: 45 minutes
Breast shields: 28mm PP funnel with 24mm silicone insert
1-year warranty - motor only

**** For maximum suction, parts like the valve, and the diaphragm must be replaced every 2-3 months, and cups - every 4-6 months *****