Doopser 9 technical specs

Portable: Yes
Automatic mode: Steadily increases gears within massage mode
Memory Function: Yes, but as a Program Mode
Rechargeable: Yes
With backflow prevention design: Yes
Modes: 3 (Massage mode, Expression mode, Mixed mode*)
Breastshield: PP with silicone massage pad
Default flange included: 24mm 
Running time: approx 120 minutes
Charging time: approx 3 hours
Auto-shutoff (in minutes): 30 minutes (Mixed mode  - 5 minutes)
Digital LED display: Yes
Smart Touch Panel: Yes
Suction strength (mmhg): Max at 300mmhg
Battery (mAh) : 1800mAh
Main pump weight: 202g
Charging cable: Micro USB
Bottle Capacity: 5 oz